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May 21, 2013
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MnG Application: Matsushita, Sadao by Shiro-Marusu MnG Application: Matsushita, Sadao by Shiro-Marusu
My entry for :iconmizu-no-gakuen: :'D

I might add more art later~


:bulletpurple:Name: Matsushita, Sadao
:bulletpurple:Age: 19
:bulletpurple:Birthday: May 14th
:bulletpurple:Height: 5' 8" (1.727 m)
:bulletpurple:Weight: 148 lb (67.0 kg)
:bulletpurple:Year: Senior
:bulletpurple:Level: [EXPERT]


:bulletgreen:attention (only when he wants it)
:bulletgreen:decent and mature people
:bulletgreen:order and control
:bulletgreen:being outside (since it’s not closed-in )
:bulletgreen:strawberries and anything with strawberry flavour
:bulletgreen:books and acquiring knowledge
:bulletgreen:people who show willpower and determination
:bulletgreen:cheerful personalities.
:bulletgreen:classical music and 80’s & 90’s music.
:bulletgreen:sense of duty
:bulletgreen:video games in which he can defeat others such as typical VS games.


:bulletred:attention at the wrong moments
:bulletred:childish people
:bulletred:enclosed spaces
:bulletred:anything too salt or bitter
:bulletred:Dubstep and music that’s too loud


Sadao tends to be anti-social and blunt, but often prefers not to talk to people at all instead of insulting them. He is usually calm and determined, but also straightforward and fixed on pushing his limits. He believes that if someone doesn’t try his hardest everyday he’s not worthy of succeeding in anything and tends to look down on people who don’t try hard enough from his point of view. Even though he will most likely come across as a dominant person who doesn’t care about what others think, he actually cares an awful lot and might sometimes unintentionally show off in order to get the attention he never had. Next to that he’s a terribly sore loser, but won’t rage because of it. Instead he ignores his opponent and just starts muttering to himself with a frown.
Because of the fact that he has never really gotten to learn how to get along with others, he might even give blunt remarks without meaning any harm and has a tendency to treat any friend he might have with more disrespect than he should, however, as soon as he realises it he will do everything to restore the possible precious bond they have.
To people who know him well enough he will most likely show his ‘softer side’ which is a lot like how he used to be as a kid; a naive, shy personality that tends to get excited over odd things.
He often hides his sexual orientation and doesn’t like to be reminded of it due to events in the past. In general he usually claims that there are more important things to attend to than being intimate with someone anyway. However, even though he often hides it he will not deny it either to himself or others when someone asks him straight to the point.


:bulletorange:He is Arrogant and Tends to be blunt
:bulletorange:He is Determined
:bulletorange:He is anti-social
:bulletorange:He is shy and naïve at times
:bulletorange:He greatly values any bond he might develop with others.
:bulletorange:He cares a lot about what people think and will occasionally try to get attention by showing off.
:bulletorange:Sometimes he’s a bit too honest for his own good when it comes to stating his opinion.
:bulletorange:He sometimes randomly becomes overenthusiastic when he’s greatly enjoying something, but other than that he’s usually a calm person.


As a kid, Sadao lived a village in the far North of Japan together with his parents and his older brother who left and moved to the US and later joined the army when Sadao was 10. He died because of an accident during a training mission 4 years later. Sadao has never gotten rid of his brother’s army pendant ever since they got it back from the army.

Sadao has never been quite popular in primary school and his former high school. This was mostly because of the fact that he was a typical ‘zero’; he was small, skinny, wore round glasses and liked to spend his time inside rather than outside like the rest of the kids, mostly because he was terribly shy and liked to read instead of running around. Because of this he got bullied a lot in high school, and got put through a lot with it from calling names and pulling his hair to stealing his clothes after gym and seriously hurting him.

One day after school when it was winter, his classmates urged him to go and pick up their ball which they accidentally kicked onto the frozen lake.
Afraid of being humiliated or hurt once again Sadao had decided to do as they said and ended up falling through the ice, nearly drowning until a teacher nearby saved him and had him taken to the hospital. Despite of the fact that he loved to swim beforehand, after this accident Sadao developed claustrophobia and a phobia for large amounts of water.

Later he started to discover his sexual orientation which left him confused a lot and ended up putting him in the most awkward situation of his life; Accidentally getting turned on as a young teenager in the showers after gym class. This is what caused the other students to make his last few years of high school a living hell and almost making him drop out. However, especially in these last years his personality dramatically changed; He decided to stop crying, work hard and never think of others from there on because that would be his only way to get anywhere in life. He started to push his limits everywhere he could; studying hard, going outside and training a lot to get stronger and fitter and pushing himself to go to the water to get over his phobia, although he never succeeded to get rid of his fear for enclosed areas and might still panic when he thinks he can’t get out of the water whenever he wants.
He ended up graduating early, so with the time he had left and in order to push his limits even more he eventually decided to go to Mizu-no-Gakuen hoping that one day he will completely get rid of his fears and even enjoy it as much as he used to when he was little.

:bulletblack:Additional Info:

:bulletblack:He can get bribed with strawberries or strawberry flavoured sweets or pastries sometimes
:bulletblack:He never takes off his brother’s army pendant
:bulletblack:He wears contacts (hence why he always has his goggles with him when he’s about to go in the water. He does, however, wear his glasses when he’s reading in bed.)
:bulletblack:He has a habit of running his hand through his hair to put it back occasionally even though part of it just falls down again right after.
:bulletblack:When someone points out his blunt remarks and/or behaviour he will listen to it and try to stop most of the time, except when he’s truly annoyed or frustrated or seriously looking down on a person.
:bulletblack:He occasionally tries too hard and just ends up being clumsy
:bulletblack:He fails to hide it when he likes someone or something a person does to him quite easily, and will show the most obvious signs to what he feels. There’s a slight chance he will try to run off when it happens.
:bulletblack:He likes to believe his older brother is watching him and proud of him for the things he has accomplished. He might sometimes be caught talking to himself as if he was talking to his brother.
:bulletblack:When he isn’t certain if an area will be small or crowded and when he goes to the pool he always takes a paper bag with him to breathe in in case of a panic attack, although he will try to hide it to the best of his abilities.
:bulletblack:For those who didn’t get it or didn’t read: he’s a homosexual
:bulletblack:He turns red or blushes very easily when he messes something up
:bulletblack:Due to the bullying his father forced him to learn Krav Maga from when he was 13. He still practises this 2 times a week, but swimming has become his first priority nowadays

:bulletwhite: I can imagine him with Nakamura Yuuichi's voice. He's dubbed multiple characters so here's just an example:

:bulletpink:Relations:  [LIST UPDATED]

:bulletpurple: Friend |:bulletpink: Likes |:bulletred: Loves | :bulletgreen: Curious | :bulletblack: Dislikes | :bulletwhite: Stranger | :bulletorange: neutral | :bulletblue: cautious

- Bao Xing:bulletorange::bulletpink:
- Oshiro, Natsuki:bulletpink::bulletorange:
- Okinawa, Kei - :bulletpink:
- Matsuda, Ryuumei:bulletpink::bulletorange:
- Kuneho, Usagi:bulletblue::bulletorange:
- Richard M. Hamasaki:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletred:
- Sasuke Mihayo:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
- Fraser, Alastair:bulletblue::bulletwhite:
- Aaron Christopher Hunter:bulletorange::bulletblue:
- Benedetti, Leon:bulletwhite:
- Matrix, Arata:bulletwhite:
- Ichinose, Kai:bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletgreen:
- Tayuki, Noel:bulletgreen::bulletorange:
- Stephan Neumann:bulletwhite:
Furutachi, Takoro:bulletorange::bulletpink:

List is supposed to work like some sort of heart chart/mix chart and to give an indication of Sadao's feelings/thoughts towards a person rather than a 100% accurate view.

Obviously nothing in this list is meant personally. :iconmingplz: (It also depends on Sadao's own personality and behaviour ofc) 

I'll try to keep it up to date~

(Also I might have forgotten some apps/characters. If you remember having been in an RP with me but dont see the name of your OC feel free to note me~)

Full size: Matsushita, Sadao by Shiro-Marusu
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Norachi-chan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
He Looks absolutely Beautiful!! :heart: Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
A very traumatizing experience nearly drowning under frozen Ice! I just wanna give him a big hug!! Llama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3]
I made a App for MnG, but sadly there not enrolling at the moment >o<
Shiro-Marusu Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you like him > u <~! 

And yeah, he still has some difficulties to cope with but he has a strong will nevertheless :'D (apart from being a bit of a control freak and blunt towards others orz )

I took the liberty to look at your app and I really like it o 7 o~!! 
It's a pity the group is on a hiatus atm and the chats have been kind of quiet lately too....Hopefully things will come back to life when the mods have more time on their hands again <3

I tend to be slow and/or not responding much lately on skype, but if you'd still like to add me you just have to copy my DA name :3

I don't really mind whether someone's actually in the group or not anyway :iconmingplz: 

Good luck with the enrollments when the time comes~ <33
Norachi-chan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aww thats good to hear ^*^

And Thank you so much!! >//<
Yeah I heard about the group being on Hiatus but I'll try when it opens up again :)

Sure ^^ My skype name is the same as my DA name too :3
Thank you very much! ^o^
Shiro-Marusu Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just tried to add you to skype (sadly I thought I already did ; 7; ) But I can't find you.
Are you sure your DA name is your actual username and not just the displayed name??

I'm sorry for this awefully late message ^^;; I even saved your reply but it got lost under some newer messages...
Norachi-chan Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It's fine! ><
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Sketchy-Fiend Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Dio: Sadaaaaaaaoooooooo! got a roomie yet? how about we bunk together!~ I can totally bring some epic gamessssss~

(seriously does he have one and I don't wanna be asking strangers for this lol)
Shiro-Marusu Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sadao: *looks up* What? You still don't have a roommate? ...Does that mean you have a room all for yourself or there's no room for you at all? o . o 

orz.....yes, he's with 2 others so I'm afraid there's no room left anymore ^^;
Sketchy-Fiend Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
(Yes thats okie I found a roomie :3)

Dio: I'm hoping for at least one heh
Sketchy-Fiend Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
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Sketchy-Fiend Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
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