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October 18, 2012
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SSA - Baron Grant by Shiro-Marusu SSA - Baron Grant by Shiro-Marusu
My app for :iconss-alliance: =D

◆N a m e /C o d e n a m e:
Name: Baron Grant
Codename: Wolf
(He'd be like an alpha male; dominant and taking care of his 'pack' while forcing his will to others. Also the fact that the wolf is hated as much as it is loved fits Baron's overall bad image and that what he might be hiding....)

◆A g e:

◆D .O. B: 
(US: 07-09-1987)

◆W e i g h t:
170 lb (77.1 kg)

◆H e i g h t:
6' 0" (1.829 m)

◆O r i en t a t i on:
He likes them all as long as he can be dominant. :'D
He's just bisexual, lol

◆I n v e n t or y:
-A Knuckle knife
-A gun
-Allways one of the newest types of phones (This has its reasons)
-Sometimes a can of spray paint

◆A b i l i t y:
Freezing- lower the temperature in kinetic atoms.

◆D i v i s i o n:
General Guard

◆L i k e s:
*Submissive people
*To have his own way
*Free/Spare time
*Valuable stuff
*Fast food and Japanese cuisine
*Feminine characteristics
*Challenges (this usually involves fighting)
*Freerunning and Kickboxing
*Getting l-- you might be able to fill that in yourself :B

◆D i s l i k e s:
*Other dominant people
*People telling him what to do
*Being turned down
*Screaming ladies and other loud noises
*Losing, nomatter the circumstances
*People who try to be funny while they're actually not

◆H i s t o r y:
As a little kid Baron had an average life, loved by both of his parents and overall a happy and energetic boy. But as he grew older he faced the hardships of his father's demands. His father, being an inspector of the New York City Police Department, was a strict man who wished for Baron to follow his steps.
As soon as Baron was strong enough to endure the kickback of small guns, his father started teaching him to shoot as he was determined to bring his son where he wanted him to be.
Also Baron's achievements were rarely complimented by his father since he was rarely impressed by them. For example if his grades weren't close to A's his father would only tell Baron to try harder next time.

The pressure his father put on him caused Baron to eventually stay away from home and hang around with friends almost all day only to return late at night.
This is when his father started beating him as punishment, however it wasn't enough to show clear marks the next day and because he feared for his reputation he wouldn't talk about it to anyone.
As time went by the relation between Baron and his father kept going downhill, and Baron started to see his friends as a family rather than his own parents.
However, these friends were rulebreakers who slowly dragged him with them further and further. They also taught him to smoke, steal and fight with other people who disagreed with them and he ended up to be quite the criminal at the age of 18. This is also the moment where he started to discover more about the strange ability he had of freezing things. First he usually used it to put ice on bruises and other injuries, but as time went by he continued to practise this ability to his advantage.

One day, when Baron was still 19, he got an offer for a deal that would fetch lots and lots of money. Before asking for the details he enthousiastically accepted, thinking of all the things he could do with that amount of money!
However, when the moment was there for him to fullfill his promise he realised he wound up in a massive drug deal. Afraid of the people who threatened to kill him he decided to go along with it, and took the drugs with him to hide them.

Later that night, men broke into the house in search for the drugs, killing Baron's mother in the process, but they were chased away by his father who succeeded to kill one of them as well. After looking at his dead wife the father turned his head to the stairs, realising this was Baron's fault. He ran up, reloading his gun and later shooting the lock off of Baron's bedroom door only to find out about the drugs. Blinded by rage he pointed his gun at Baron who was already preparing to climb out the window, and started shooting at his son as soon as he moved.

While he got hit in his right shoulder, Baron succeeded to escape, even though this was probably due to his father hestitating because of the remaining love he had for his son.

Exploiting his social contacts, baron found a small group that happened to be connected to the Mafia, and he decided to try and join them as he thought he had nothing to lose anymore.
Interested by his shooting skills and his freezing ability they took him in and helped him to escape to Japan, where he ended up carrying out ordered assassinations.
This worked well for Baron for the few years that followed, untill one day he got a false order and ended up killing one of his own people.

Fearing the Mafia would come to kill him he escaped the area and eventually found the SS-alliance, where he offered his help in exchange for safe shelter. He ended up to be a guard, because straying far from the alliance as an assassin would be too dangerous for him now. However, time will tell if he's really capable of fullfilling his job correctly....

◆F l a w s / W e a k n e s s:
*He tends to get nervous in small, closed areas or rooms. Having been on the run for years has left him with the urge to be able to escape at all times.
*Due to his overconfidence he easily misjudges a situation.
*He has a gift for getting into trouble
*He has a weakness for gambling
*He can fall back into crime quite easily
*He's usually not good at following rules
*His right shoulder tends to be weaker due to the shotwound
*He's paranoid

◆ S t r e n g t h s/Talents:
*He is very agile
*His aim is good
*He is persistant
*Stealing is like child's play to him.
*He has a fair amount of experience in kickboxing

◆P e r s o n a l i ty:
Despite of the hardships Baron has faced in his life, his successes caused him to be overconfident of himself sometimes. Having to fight for himself for a great part of his life made him a very persistant and dominant person, allways trying to get things done the way he wants it to. He's also not likely to show any weaknesses unless he knows and trusts people enough to do so and he will often replace sadness with anger. In addition to that he tends to bully others, especially the little ones, to get things done the way he wants or to simply forget about his own misery.
He always tries to enjoy life and the beauty it holds in his own way. In addition to that he would never turn a blind eye to anyone cute, sexy and/or hot, taking advantage of them if he gets the chance to.
Even though this overall behaviour doesn't really give him a good image, he can also respect those who respect him and he will try to cheer others up if he thinks they don't deserve what made them feel blue or sad.
True relationships will always be a tough subject for Baron. Even though he can't avoid caring for or loving people eventually, he is likely to try and stay at a distance to prevent them from getting seriously hurt because of his trouble.

◆N a t i o n a l i t y:
Born in America and moved to Japan

◆Q u o t e s: 
“Who said Freezing can't be Hot??”
“My aim is perfect”
“Don't worry, I won't bite.....hard >;'p”
“I'm a stallion, not a mare”

◆R e l at i o n s h i p s: 

~Crow - :bulletpink: :bulletpurple:
~Avery - :bulletgreen:
~Issac - :bulletpink:
~Cross - :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletred:
~Bokki - :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletblue:
~Dairis - :bulletpink:
~Terrence - :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:
~Soniro - :bulletgreen: :bulletpink:
~Alix - :bulletorange:
~Verzel - :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:
~Edward - :bulletorange: :bulletgreen:
~Seth - :bulletblack: :bulletgreen:
~Stanislav - :bulletwhite: :bulletorange:
~Marci - :bulletpink: :bulletorange:

:bulletpurple: Friend |:bulletpink: Likes |:bulletred: Loves | :bulletgreen: Curious | :bulletblack: Dislikes | :bulletwhite: Stranger | :bulletorange: neutral | :bulletblue: cautious

Stole the :bullet: idea from :iconpixelchuu: because I thought it was good <'D

Things can still change lots depending on the RP so I will try to update this every once in a while xp

◆A d d i t i o n a l  In f or m a t i o n:

*He's a skilled pickpocket in his spare time
*Good friends are concidered his 'homies' who can expect his backup at any time.
*He sometimes rotates his right shoulder when his old shot wound acts up.
*He often wears sunglasses just to make it hard for people to see what he's looking at.
*Due to the constant fighting he has quite some scars but he thinks they make him look bad-ass. You can also see him having (minor) injuries often after he has returned from going out.
*He always tries to make sure he has either his gun or knuckle knife with him...or both...
*He will usually accept any challenge, even when he's in a disadvantage.
*He is right handed but he has taught himself to shoot and fight left handed just in case his old shot wound would bother him during a fight.
*He avoids bounty hunters
*Since a few months he has been leading a drug business.
*He definitely sees himself as a seme Even though past events in RP proved he might unwillingly be a seke OTL

~I would imagine him having a voice similar to that of Kenta Miyake a.k.a Tsume from Wolf's Rain. Sadly, I haven't found a good example yet ):

Full version:

PLZ: :iconbarongrantplz: :iconannoyedbarongrantplz:
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iUzuChan Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Holy mother of cheese--

Dat man is sexy.

I don't now what else to say but awesome oc.

He's so awesome. Wolfs, I love them so much. slfkjsdf
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